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Woman wearing a lacey maxi dress standing in the water with both her hands touching the water
“Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.” - Mooji

We recently collaborated with two creative souls, singer songwriter Indigo Sparke + photographer and writer Isabel Sasse. 
Isabel took a moment to let us into her creative mind to tell us what inspires her... 
I am a photographer and writer primarily between Melbourne and Byron Bay, but I let myself move in the direction of every where my soul feels drawn to, at any given moment. I have always said that, if what I do isn’t bursting at the seams with heart I will have none of it. I breathe an openness into my art, a sense of surrender and letting go and live this existence with intention, curiosity and transparency. I use my creative visions to connect with humans, to share and spread the beauty and light we are surrounded by on this earth. 

I draw inspiration from dreams, love, the opposite of love, light, the way humans move when they think no one is watching them and Mother Nature. Which is most evident in my art. She is the most powerful inspiration, because no matter how much pain and suffering we cause her, she finds it within her to pick herself up and grow over her wounds, in time. To grow on, in all her mighty beauty. I think if we all sat in silence, in patience with her for long enough, she could teach us a thing, or two, or a million. She speaks, to those who are willing to listen. 

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