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How to tie the Melody Maxi Dress

How to tie the Melody Maxi Dress

Our Melody Maxi Dress is a dream dress and the definition of elegance.

Hazel & Folk fans around the world love to wear the Melody Maxi to best suit their personal style. We particularly love how the versatile front ties can be styled to truly reflect each of their personalities.

While our Melody Maxi Dress is best known for its adaptable nature, we have received countless requests for a tutorial on tying the Melody Maxi Dress in our signature style.

To our Hazel & Folk fans, today is your lucky day!
Here you can explore our three favourite ways to style our Melody Maxi Dress:

Classic Front Bow | Style 1

Our signature style can accentuate the plunging v-neckline feature and draped bust for a relaxed fit.

Tip: to easily tie the front bow, have the front ties flattened rather than rolled. This way your bow can be flowy and sit nicely on your waist.

See how Lente ties the Classic Front Bow

Small Back Bow | Style 2

Our second style can work for more minimalistic aesthetics or to balance a statement accessory with your Melody Maxi.

Tip: this style could be for you if you love the wrapped waist style but are not a fan of bows. You can easily tie the ends at the back or tuck them under the waist wraps.

See how Lente ties the Small Back Bow

Twirled Front Bow | Style 3

Anyone looking for a modest or a more secure style, Style 3 is for you!

The added twirl sightly shortens the deep v-neckline feature of our Melody Maxi Dress without completely changing the overall look. Similar to Style 1 but instead of tying flat ties, we twirl each side to strengthen the ties before wrapping around the waist.

Tip: do you have a busy day in your Melody Maxi Dress? Try this style next time you find yourself needing to move around more than usual. Perfect for bridesmaids, mums or someone on a busy errand day.

See how Stacey ties the Twirled Front Bow


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